Profile of Ido Masao

Masao Ido Personal History

11.11 birth Iwate native
Moved to Kyoto Japan
Became Koho Yoshida's(a dyeing artist)private pupil
Started working on woodblock prints
Studied under Shigechika Ohtsubo(a councilor of Nitten)
Participated in the Woodblock prints exhibition of Kyoto 100 Landscapes by three artists: Tomikichirou Tokuriki, Clifton Karhu, and Masao Ido (Sponsored by Kyoto Newspaper)
The Dyeing and Woodblock-print exhibition by Masao Ido sponsored by IBC IWATE broadcast station
Displayed the exhibition of Masao Ido in Chicago, U.S.A.
A special invitation for the exhibition of Society for the Fine Arts in Graz, Austria
Hold the exhibition of Woodblock-print of Masao Ido: titled as The memorial of NHK TV drama “The wind of RYUKYU” at a MITSUKOSHI department building in Tokyo and Okinawa
Designed an Hanamaki city official poster of for the 100th birthday of Kenji Miyazawa, a popular author and artist in Japan
Established NPO Hanamaki cultural village in Iwate
Inaugurated of a chairman joint council at the NPO
Appeared on NHK educational broadcast show “SYUMI-YU-YU” (Total 13th times in three months)
Created four kinds of stamps featured special events of Kyoto with express home town and tradition of Kinki area, KANSAI, Japan (Sponsored by Japan Post)
Hold the exhibition of “Seeing Kyoto” by Masao Ido at Kiyomizu temple: one of the most important cultural properties of Japan
Joined the collection of Los Angeles County Museum of Art in U.S.A.
Serialized columns about “My Kyoto” on weekly magazine of Shincho (Total 4 times in 2 months)
Joined the collection of The Library of Congress in U.S.A.
Appeared on “Begin Japanology” NHK World Broadcast TV
Created an original design of wooden votive picture tablets for new year for the Matuo shrine in Kyoto
Poems of Woodblock(Kyoto Shoin)
Seasonal Sceneries of Japan(NHK)
Kenji Miyazawa-Picturesin Mind(Kawade Shobo Shinsha)
The Bears of Mt.Nametoko(Sunmark)
Crossing the Snow(Sunmark)
The Nighthawk Star(Sunmark)
Japan:Kyoto, Tokyo, Morioka, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuyama, Fukuoka(at department stores and galleries,every year)
U.S.A:New York, Chicago, Vancouver
Europe:France, Switzerland, Austria
Asia:China, Thailand
Morioka Sakuragi Elementary School
Hanamaki Miyanome Elementary School
Hanamaki Miyanome Junior High School
Hanamaki Agricultural Cooperative Association's Country Elevator
JR in Hanamaki
JR in Kyoto
The ministry of Post and Telecommunications's International Picture Postcards;"Traditional Scenes of the Old Capital"
Kinki Postal Administration;"Kyo", "Miyako"
Tohoku Postal administration; "Kenji's Hometown, Hanamaki"
The Kinki version New Year's lottery postcard
【Stage Arts】
Sumi Hanayagi;"Ayashi"
【Show Produce】
"Kyoto 21 in Hanamaki"
【Owned by】
Japan:Kyoto, Iwate, Morioka, Hanamaki, Fukuyama, Matsue, Fukui
U.S.A:Vancouver, Chicago Botanic Garden, Los Angels Country Museum



Some people say that they indefinably like the colors of my artworks, especially, Green.

At one occasion, a non-Japanese called the green at “IDO GREEN”. I instinctively create the colors on the palettes. I can't explain how to create it theoretically though, I'm very happy to hear that people call my green at “IDO GREEN”.